Best and effective Salat ul hajat

Salat ul Hajat

This Salat ul Hajat is so powerful that it can even convert an impossible task into a possible one. For those who have decided to pray this Salat ul Hajat, go ahead without a doubt, and Inshallah, everything will be okay. Remember me in your dua, and remember to comment when everything is sorted. By …

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How to pray Istikhara?

How to pray Istikhara

How to pray Istikhara? Praying Salat al-Istikhara or Istikhara dua and seeking guidance from Allah is powerful in every aspect of your life. We should not hesitate to pray Salat-al-Istikhara before making any choice that can impact our deen and Duniya and afterlife (Barzakh). “Istikhara” means asking Allah for guidance (Dua for guidance). When someone …

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How to pray Tahajjud in Best way!

How to pray Tahajjud

How to pray Tahajjud namaz? The best thing I ever did, or that my mom taught me in my childhood, was to pray Tahajjud once. To this day, deep down in my heart, there is immense attraction, love, and serenity toward this Tahajjud Namaz. In the middle of the night, when almost every other person …

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The peaceful power of prayer beads with 6 benefits

Prayer beads

Prayer beads are also called Misbaha or Islamic rosary. Prayer beads are the string of beads used by Muslims to count our prayers and glorify Allah SWT. During the era of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), people of his Ummat used to count on their hands, and we can see this still happening today. The first prayer …

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