The limitless Mercy of Allah

Mercy of Allah

The Mercy of Allah in Hadith Qudsi says that Allah said, “I was a hidden treasure. I wished to be known. That’s why I created.” Hence, the reason for creation was love (Muhabbah). Allah created everything out of love, and therefore, he loves what he has created. Subsequently, He loves the believers even more intensely. …

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Life in the Grave and appointed time of death

Life in the Grave

Life in the Grave and Al-Qiyaamah al-Sughra, often referred to as the minor resurrection, is essentially the event of death. Every person goes through this “resurrection” when they leave this world. It happens at a predestined moment. Both Bukhari and Muslim have documented a narration from ‘Aa’ishah. In it, she recounts that Bedouin men asked …

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Power of Forgiveness in Islam with benefits

Forgiveness in Islam

Forgiveness in Islam is very important. It means being kind and letting go of bad feelings when someone does something wrong. The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) showed us how to forgive. Even when people were mean to him, he forgave them. He didn’t get angry easily. Instead, he was patient and kind. We can learn from …

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What is taqwa in Islam? Best guide on Taqwa


Taqwa meaning in Islam means having self-control and Taqwa comes from Arabic root “wa-qa-ya,” which means “protection” or “support. Taqwa does not mean fear or avoidance, but having fear is a necessary condition to protect oneself from something and avoid it. What is taqwa in islam Taqwa in Islam is about being mindful of Allah …

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7 Powerful blessings of Jumma Mubarak: The chief of all days

Jumma Mubarak

Arabs used to call Arubah the day we call Jumma Mubarak before the advent of Islam. Allah the Almighty and the most generous has created Prophet Adam PBUH on this day, and his clay was also collected on Jumma Mubarak. Jumma is from the Arabic word “جمعة,” which means “gathering” or “congregation.” Jumma Mubarak holds …

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What is an abaya: 8 Powerful Islamic guidelines to fashion choices

What is an abaya

What is an abaya dress? It generally means Khimar and Jilbab as long as it fulfills the basic requirements of khimar and jilbab. What is an abaya? The practice of wearing the abaya or hijab has existed since Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ). Nearly 1440 years have passed, and still, this practice is becoming widespread. We’ve seen many stories in …

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Modest clothing in Islam: Abaya, Hijab, Quranic Insights.

Modest clothing

Modest clothing in Islam is compulsory for both women and men. Modesty, also called Haya, holds great importance and is emphasized both in the Holy Quran and through the hadiths of our Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ). Muslims are encouraged to be humble, respectful, and dignified in their conduct. Following the Islamic way of living will give …

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